Do you want enough executive function coaching clients to fill your schedule (and then some)?

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I'm Sean McCormick, the founder of Executive Function Specialists and the author of this course. I started "tutoring" as a side-business in 2020 to supplement my income as a special education teacher and soon realized that I was actually providing executive function coaching. Within 10 months of starting my business I needed to hire team members to meet the demand and was able to resign from my tenured teaching position in a school district because SO many parents were looking for an executive function coach. Along the way, I learned how to market my services to attract enough clients to fill my calendar and employ a team of coaches, all within two years. In this course, I will teach you how to attract, onboard and retain executive function coaching clients. By applying the methods I teach in this course, you will have more clients than you can work with alone.

This course is for you if...

  • You know exactly how to help students learn new skills, and now you want to know how to acquire more clients

  • Parents LOVE your work, but you need more than just referrals to go full-time with your coaching practice

  • You feel you could make a bigger impact on the world if you had a consistent stream of clients flowing into your business AND are will to take action steps to attract them

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You think that this process will be quick and easy -- this will take effort!

  • You are not willing to try new things and put yourself out there -- I am going to challenge you!

  • You are not will to try the action steps and strategies in this course


    1. A message from your instructor

    2. Before You Start Your Journey 🌅

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    1. Chapter 1: Defining Your Market and Audience (Written Directions)

    2. Chapter 1: Defining Your Market and Audience (Workbook)

    3. Chapter 1 Slide Deck (Click to download)

    4. Introduction & Outcomes

    5. Part 1: How do I get the data to identify my dream client?

    6. Part 2: How do I create a clear value proposition to attract my ideal clients?

    1. Chapter 2, Part 1: Show What You Know & Make An Offer 🕊

    2. Chapter 2, Part 2: Creating A Referral Network 📲

    3. Use This Link To Join For The Live Meeting On Thursday, July 14th at 1pm PDT

    4. Chapter 2: Growing Your Audience Workbook (Google Doc & Word Doc)

    5. Growing Your Client Base with Podcasts Workbook (Link & Downloadable) 🎙

    6. Outreach Tracker Template (Google Sheets & Downloadable Spreadsheet) 👣

    7. Chapter 2: Growing Your Client Base (Downloadable PDF & Link)

    1. Chapter 3, Part 1: Converting hot leads into clients 🔥 (Transcript & Audio Available)

    2. Chapter 3, Part 2: Setting up your customer relationship management system (CRM) 👩🏻‍💻 (Transcript & Audio Available)

    3. Use This Link To Join For The Live Meeting On Thursday, July 21st at 1pm PDT

    4. Chapter 3: Onboarding Clients (The Right Way) Workbook (Google Doc & Word Doc) 🛳

    5. 15 Minute Sales Call Script (Google Doc & Downloadable PDF) 🛒

    6. Sample Release of Information (Google Doc & Downloadable PDF) 🔐

    7. Sample Terms of Service (Google Doc & Downloadable PDF) ✍️

    8. Slide Deck, Chapter 3: Onboarding Clients...The Right Way (Downloadable PDF & Link)

    1. Chapter 4, Part 1: Gathering Feedback

    2. Chapter 4, Part 2: Collecting Testimonials

    3. Chapter 4, Part 3: Celebrating Your Clients

    4. Chapter 4: Creating Raving Fans Workbook (Google Doc & Word Doc) 📣

    5. Chapter 4: Creating Raving Fans Slide Deck (Link and Download)

    1. Chapter 5, Introduction

    2. Chapter 5, Part 1: A Singular and Defined Goal (Video)

    3. Chapter 5, Part 2: Your 12 Week Action Plan (Video)

    4. Chapter 5, Part 3: What habits will help you maintain pace toward your vision? (Video)

    5. Chapter 5: Mastering Your Mindset Workbook (Google Doc & Word Doc) 📣

    6. Chapter 5: Mastering Your Mindset Slide Deck (Link and Download)

About this course

  • $497.00
  • 36 lessons


  • Does the course include a workbook?

    Yes! Each chapter includes a workbook to help you grasp the concepts and take action.

  • Is this course live?

    No, the course is pre-recorded. All participants can connect with me via the FB group or by emailing me. Access will be provided upon enrollment.

  • With your course is there any certification?

    After completing the course you will receive a certificate of completion which you can share with your clients or on your marketing materials.

  • What if I want more personalized support on growing my practice?

    There is an option to purchase a 90 minute strategy session with me on the checkout page when purchasing the course. You can also connect with community members and find an accountability partner .

  • Is this is a self-paced course or if it needs to be completed in a certain amount of time?

    The course takes approximately 3 hours to complete, and you will have 6 months access to all the updates and changes to the course, along with your private FB group to have any questions answered.

Your Enthusiastic Instructor 👨🏼‍🏫

Senior Instructor Sean McCormick

Sean McCormick is a parent, husband and international executive function coach. He founded Executive Function Specialists, a remote coaching business that empowers middle, high school and college students to learn goal-orientated behaviors that lead to happy, productive lives. Sean also hosts the Earn More Tutoring Podcast with a mission of eradicating educator poverty through sustainable entrepreneurship. You can learn more about Sean’s work by Googling Executive Function Specialists or Earn More Tutoring.